Cartier – Fine Watchmaking

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  1. Cartier says:

    Five years of development and 578 parts went into bringing the Rotonde de Cartier Grande Complication to life. #SIHH2015 #Cartier  

  2. Maria Spears says:

    merci, monsieur Cartier!

  3. Aryani Inayra says:

    +Maria Spears eg54yk

  4. kinstitute says:

    I don`t comment on Youtube regarding watches or jewellery. But, Oh My Cartier this watch is sexy. It`s simply stunning, not just as a watch but how they matched engineering (which is making my brain tingle) with the aesthetics. Not just this watch, the others, they even go into metallurgy and use spacecraft tech.
    Dear Cartier, You are the gold standard.
    P.S. I know you don`t know me but I think I`m in love with you.

  5. 欣雅 says:


  6. Sergio Mendez Roa says:

    magnificent timepiece

  7. Andrea Sindaco says:


  8. KOKET says:

    Perfect craftsmanship beautiful result!

  9. George Charalambous says:

    I love so many watch brands but for me the Purest Haute Horlogerie watches are made by Cartier

  10. Frank Salazar says:


  11. Amporn Cheung says:

    +Andrea Sindaco .

  12. eduardo francisco gutierrez says:

    quiero ver películas de accion

  13. Hejazi Celll says:


  14. Nelson Harrell says:

    Only the Best ! THANK YOU Cartier .

  15. Anna M. says:

    i really love Cartier…

  16. angel martinez says:

    es hermoso *w* ……

  17. angel martinez says:

    :,c es hermoso

  18. FATHER MR says:

    Sergio Mendez Roa.

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