Cartier – Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon

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25 Responses

  1. Antonio Manuel Bobadilla De Ovín says:

    It’s alive!! :OOOOO!

  2. Dysgyzed says:

    Yes, you did “Get me.” *SUPERLATIVE ADVERTISING* and I will be Dreaming of these Cartier creations for long to come. Just truly exquisite product and cinematography. Rich, textural, dreamy.

  3. Sarah Stewart says:

    this is the most beautiful commercial i have seen in my life. if you want xx to suport the snow leopard then register at thescarfboutique . co . uk the rumour is one of the worlds greates illustrators has created a scarf based on snow leopard.

  4. dany3425 says:

    C’est magnifique

  5. Anesthez says:

    it only makes that noise when the repeater is activated by pressing the button

  6. braaaahhhhhhh says:

    that would be annoying; Luckily as with all repeaters you can choose when to activate that ‘high pitched noise’.

  7. Yvan Piantella says:

    i have create the music for this movie.

  8. Bas Q. says:

    Oh really, then give us the information so we can buy your song.

  9. pasqua lamontanara says:


  10. Matthieu Houssin says:

    Nice Watch !

  11. George Charalambous says:

    As much as i love APs and Pateks or even JLCs i have to admit that the best complication watches are made by Cartier. For that kind of money i’d prefer the exclusivity that Cartier offers and their designs are amazing.

  12. Alhen Bakhan. says:

    Quiero saber precio de rotonde de cartier

  13. Alhen Bakhan. says:

    Es un reloj super,! Espectacular.

  14. Master Hunter K says:

    omg I want to buy this. how much is it?give me the link of the website where I can buy.

  15. IlikeAlotOfThings says:

    Crowned Clown Probably 300000 dollars and you can’t buy it online. You need to schedule an appointment.

  16. iDolciBaci1 says:

    336000 i believe is the number last i checked and yes def by appointment there is only a few available

  17. Md Imteyaz says:



  18. On Shan Ma says:

    Matthieu Houssin

  19. On Shan Ma says:

    Matthieu Houssin

  20. Lotta&Max Langstrumpf says:

    It Must a Cartier💫!

  21. Erik Estrada says:

    love it!

  22. Lawrence Chan says:


  23. Ahmad Bashir says:

    oh my god its wonderful watch i wish i buy i love watches

  24. 龚楠 says:


  25. Mohammad Z says:

    BiG WoW❤️❤️❤️

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