Manufacturing masterpieces: OMEGA’s new Factory

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27 Responses

  1. Sherrinford Hull says:


  2. MR.DAGGER DICK says:


  3. polyglottor B says:


  4. Hansen H says:

    I thought watch manufacturer assemble the hands using human hand not by machine!

  5. 7s29 says:

    As much as I like this watch, I think I still prefer hand built watches, even if they have imperfections.

  6. Jorge Asecas says:

    Yo tengo un Omega y se me atrasaba y lo tuve que mandar a Omega en Suiza y me pedian 1200 euros y ahora se me adelanta

  7. Dorä the Soviet Explorer says:

    The craftsmanship is simply superb. I hope to own a Speedmaster one day.<3

  8. Jesus Rodriguez says:



  9. Sneakerhead_107 says:


  10. swedendive says:

    that voice…..its like he just hmm……

  11. Mr Shan says:

    Sherrinford Hull MZ by Oz KP

  12. Jason Wan says:

    I feel like this guy really needs a cough drop

  13. Sachin Kamboj says:

    Mr Shan yg thebest baghy the duhm

  14. Benendes C says:

    The guys voice is more creepy than satisfying

  15. Bosse Jansson says:

    Sneakerhead_107 o


    Sachin Kamboj to

  17. arun bharath says:

    Jesus Rodriguez and description

  18. Bobby Akbar says:

    Mr Shan pp

  19. Daniel Montuam says:

    Next Year I want to buy seamaster 007, love that watch.

  20. Daniel Montuam says:

    Jorge Asecas You said something I was think about, I see a lot of videos of luxury watchs at service for same problem, I have 3 citizens, 2 molvados, 1 seikon, never have problem just change the battery of couple(citizens are solar power).
    I can’t accept expencives watch with problem

  21. Alcides Fermino says:

    Jesus Rodriguez zzlbcv

  22. Glock Man says:

    Wear my omega more then any other of my watches

  23. Lemtem Poktui says:

    Daniel Montuam The fact that you’re comparing quartz to mechanical movements simply proves you know nothing about horology. So please go enjoy your quartz and let the enthusiasts enjoy their history rich time pieces.

  24. Lemtem Poktui says:

    Sneakerhead_107 It is hand crafted. They just utilized machines for more menial task.

  25. Ryan Miller says:

    Not all. Omega does this to control the manufacturer process. If you understand how an automatic watch works, you know Omega is #1 in watch making.

  26. George Gecko says:

    I just love my Seamaster PO 45,5, I wear it every day

  27. svfutbol20 says:

    I think there is certainly a market for completely handmade pieces but some of the robotics that are available today are advancing the watchmaking process further than a human could ever take it. The level of precision required here is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, which is why Omega’s new calibers are some of the worlds best.

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