OMEGA and SPECTRE – Revealing the Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition, James Bond 007’s watch

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  1. Alvin Koh says:

    Bond: Does it do anything?
    Q: It tells the time.

  2. VictorianLegend says:


  3. Charlie Sheen says:

    Bond: Does it do anything?
    Q: It tells the time.
    B: มันใช้ทำอะไรได้บ้าง?
    Q: มันใช้บอกเวลาน่ะ

  4. Mr Niceguy productions says:

    that’s Hart braking no laser watch 🙁

  5. jjwankenobi says:

    At last…Craig is spouting Roger Moore-esque zingers! All that is needed is a Moonraker space battle in SPECTRE and the circle is complete! Bravo to OMEGA for making the G10/”NATO” strap en vogue again! Just got one for my Casino Royale-era Planet Ocean Big Size. The nylon strap is OK, but will likely switch frequently between the metal bracelet and the rubber dive strap.

  6. jjwankenobi says:

    Greetings! Yes I saw your tutorial a few weeks ago and was inspired to add a G10 strap to my XL PO. Thanks! FYI the OMEGA PN for a 22MM pin buckle is OMEGA Reference #025STZ001885 . Cheers!

  7. James Bond says:

    Bought it. Doesn’t do what it did in the movie.

  8. Qamar Hussain says:

    +Gentleman Of Leisure Channel

  9. Tommy Sands says:

    GREAT watch. BAD movie!

  10. George Back says:

    I disagree. Loved this film 🙂

  11. Mohamed Sameer Tp says:


  12. mohsin akram says:


  13. Parag Sharma says:

    do checkout our channel

  14. Sheik Azam says:

    +mohsin akram

  15. convertcraze says:

    Christian songd

  16. Sun Marine says:

    I 7

  17. Amey Khale says:

    You bought it? How? where? it’s still in cinemas

  18. sachin yadav says:

    love this movie

  19. Anupam Bhattacharjee says:


  20. Perfect Presentation says:

    More informations about Omega and James Bond on our channel…

  21. Nek Muhammad says:


  22. 拿川沁苧 says:


  23. herbivi - cus says:

    Sassy Q is the best Q

  24. Lizabeth Hampton says:

    I can’t stop playing the “It tells the time” part.

  25. Vincent Choi says:

    Should be worth 2 dollars

  26. Vincent Choi says:

    +Tommy Sands Loved the movie

  27. Format128 says:

    Dont touch the alarm bottom!!!

  28. nebulaunfolding says:

    +James Bond The original 007 watch that Sean Connery wore was a Rolex Submariner. Its too bad they don’t feature a Submariner in the new movies. I looked at the Spector watch. The problem I have with it is the superluminova markers are too thin, and harder to read in the dark compared other dive watches with bigger markers. I do like the ceramic easy to grip when wet bezel. And the see though back crystal is nice as well. I still think the modern Submariner to be superior as a functional and handsome dive watch.

  29. My Email says:

    All these videos Omega make are very impressive. However, I wish they would tell us about how they manufacture watches. The moonwatch and the in house 8500 we to have a tour of the factory etc… The cherry on the cake is nice but we need to understand the rest of the cake as well.

  30. Iam Matrix says:

    q next Bond

  31. . says:

    They dont want you to see that part. They just use mass produced eta movements. Not terribly exciting.

  32. Q says:

    No they don’t? Their Co-Axial cal. 8500 is in house made. The calibres before that were ETA Based yes, to house the Co-Axial escapements, but the new movements from cal. 8500 and up are all in house.

  33. Iremar Silva says:

    Alvin Koh ..

  34. Ninja Ginger says:

    boy do I have a secret……

  35. Ninja Ginger says:

    Anupam Bhattacharjee q

  36. Abdul Sattar says:


  37. KHẢI MR NGUYỄN DUY says:

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  38. Ezzat Ghattas says:

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  39. Ezzat Ghattas says:

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  40. chan sin yan says:

    James Bon

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