OMEGA Liquidmetal™ Technology

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32 Responses

  1. Long John Silver says:

    @denizg6 Maybe it was the 1948 model that was limited?

  2. die101 says:

    i jeezed to her voice, so sexy

  3. wallysaruman says:

    What a sexy, sexy watch…

  4. ringo1029384756 says:

    The Planet Ocean is the best watch, IMO.

  5. drdj69 says:

    I Wouldn’t compare Omega and Rolex, they both are good in there own ways AND both are excellent .
    so stop with ur omega fanboyism and saying Omega is much much better.

  6. InSurrealtime says:

    Who wears a watch anymore? Just a bracelet for Men I guess.

  7. ForeverFlame88 says:

    It won’t last forever. Everything u see is temporary. What u don’t see is eternal. If it’s solid, it flows… just more slowly than liquid and gas. 

  8. Yang Ping says:

    I hate the voice on this video. 

  9. Phil Latio says:

    I’ll take 10 of them

  10. E P says:

    yea hot right lol

  11. mpking says:

    Sounds like a particular sat nav voice, maybe it’s the same woman.

  12. Jief Yang says:

    a 8kw laser isn’t much. dont mean much either. ceramic? plain old china is ceramic too. what ceramic was it?

  13. naresh panchal says:

    Globel india

  14. ByteMe says:

    +ForeverFlame88 Bruh

  15. Marcus McIntyre says:

    If Omega provides me one, I will only wear Omega watches for the rest of my life.

  16. Mickey Mouse says:

    Now that’s beautiful!

  17. rovpilot1 says:

    @1:26 there is a spot near the zero, on the ring🤔😇

  18. hieu le says:

    Marcus McIntyre xemphimsetvideo

  19. Samantha Hernandez says:

    Jief Yang y h gruñóny h gruñón cu ni que israelí tu ge 8 Zeppelin ni n NM oi

  20. Derek Mynott says:

    Long John Silver s

  21. Gopalji Bhatt says:

    mpking ड ष ष


  22. Hemen Karmakar says:

    love it

  23. Ayaz Özden says:

    Yang Ping çz🐽🐽🐏🐑🐺🐷🐄🐄🐄🐄🐱🐎

  24. Yulduz Saparboyeva says:


  25. Zadi Aimé says:

    wallysaruman bl

  26. Satyajit Dasgupta says:

    ForeverFlame88 know

  27. Mercy says:

    Shouldn’t you be called “TemporaryFlame88” then?

  28. msvanveen says:

    link doesn’t work, please fix

  29. KHẢI MR NGUYỄN DUY says:

    Hello Grandpa, I wish you Happy Lucky Health

  30. Emilio Suárez Flórez says:

    Reproducción en español

  31. absoftitanium says:


  32. Aeneas Izichi says:

    It’s called proprietary technology, considered an alien concept in certain parts of the world. An 8 KW laser is effin powerful it would entirely vaporise you into plasma in seconds! Yep three years old but what the heck, I couldn’t resist!

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