OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Calibre 8605/8615 – Video Manual

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  1. Luk N. says:

    i need that watch….<3

  2. juic3d says:


  3. Darinchuluun Batjargal says:

    modern tivest

  4. Manuel Oranga says:

    Any chance You can make a Video Manual of the Omega GMT 2234.50 Seamaster Professional?

  5. Kanta Thanvi says:


  6. Vanlal Tlani says:

    l 5


  7. Jason Lei says:


  8. TdTbMp says:

    Hi omega, I already own two omegas, can you please make a real gmt bezel, one that is bidirectional and only has 24 ball bearing clicks. Yeah like the gmt master 2. Omega you have nicer looking watches that’s why I haven’t already bought the rolex, hoping one day you realize the way gmt bezels are suppose to be used. It’s easier to remember if a country is +7 or -4 clicks from gmt. I hope your hearings. Thx

  9. Yuen Yi Fung says:

    Vanlal Tlani .▽少’我们去厝

  10. Javoer Briones says:

    Manuel Oranga mol

  11. 정인기 says:

    TdTbMp 90

  12. Diwakar Chopra says:

    check out ref I just got one for myself and love it so far.

  13. Mohd Jaan says:

    Manuel Oranga km

  14. aminat halah says:


  15. aminat halah says:

    how are you

  16. aminat halah says:

    i need that watch

  17. aminat halah says:

    i am in dubai

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