OMEGA’s ceramic creations

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11 Responses

  1. benhizzle says:

    Three beautiful timepieces.

  2. dremann says:

    inb4 “Purple Side of the Moon”

  3. DirtyIobster says:

    Video team bumped ut their stuff to an amazing level…!

  4. Nicolas R says:

    what’s the song? 🙂

  5. Bianca Vega says:

    a masterpiece amazing😍! !!!

  6. Cameron Weber says:

    oh my god what a masterpiece video. I’m appalled @omega

  7. John Chen says:

    I’m a huge Omega fan. I own a speedmaster but I hate these 3 watches… they have nothing to do with space, they aren’t flight qualified, they don’t resemble anything like the original moon watch. Yet Omega markets them like they are some how connected with the moon. They aren’t!

  8. flori114 says:

    Grey Side all the way.

  9. Bon Aian Quijano says:


  10. walter yung says:

    flori114 /

  11. Günter Hofstötter says:

    Great watch, great craftmanship, great design…what a masterpiece….

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