TAG Heuer Connected Press Conference

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25 Responses

  1. Andy_Curtis28 says:

    This was very awkward to watch haha. Interesting though

  2. DeviIzx says:

    can’t wait for it.

  3. A says:

    He talks about soul but presentation had no soul. And loved how the sleazebag CEO excused short lifespan of a smartwatch by saying it’s eternal cause you can always buy the new version, lol.

  4. Stijn Mertens says:

    I want this guy to play the villain in the next Bond movie.

  5. glassman5555 says:

    Good Look…
    Moto360 minor change…

  6. Todor Velichkov says:

    too much Steve Jobs presentations watched..watch this watch

  7. Fred Crmr says:

    Magnifique JC Biver !

  8. A says:

    LOL that Tag is garbage, has an eta 2824 which is bare minimum of outsourced swiss movement. An Orient watch would beat that in accuracy. If you actually knew something about watches, you wouldn’t be caught dead with a TAG. Even swiss watch lovers hate the brand.

  9. sali man says:

    +MANICDVLN thank you for a lesson, now go and get batery replaced in your seiko

  10. George Phillips says:

    The bold TH CEO and his partner seem to be too “senior” to sell this piece of technology. Are they selling outdated gadgets door-to-door? It’s contradictory to try to sell a supposedly cutting edge smart watch. It just doesn’t convince me of either luxury or smartness of the watch at all. The ownership of TAG Heuer and many luxury watches may have enjoyed the stable business of selling these overpriced watches way too long, so they don’t even need to practice speaking nor do ownership needed to be changed. They look like dinosaurs.

    On the other hand, I am impressed that the CEO of Intel is actually on stage, and the talking by Google’s VP Engineering is also very very good.

    It’s clear that the next gen smartwatch will be lead by Apple Watch for years again.

  11. Ankush Narula says:

    My new favorite Bieber

  12. Robert Riley says:

    I’m watching it and I’m like. WTF. lol

  13. ahpadt says:

    +MANICDVLN Yes, and a $10 quartz watch would beat a $1M Patek in accuracy. What’s your point? You buy a watch because you love it and it suits your needs and requirements…

  14. A says:

    Who says I want an inaccurate product to suit my need? Seems like it’s decision based on ignorance.

  15. sali man says:

    +MANICDVLN why are you still trolling here, go to seiko forum

  16. CH4N4KY4SWR4TH says:

    When you see the polish of the first Apple Watch presentation, and then see this right after…

  17. Abbyjosh stana says:

    Why does Mr.Biver wear 2 watches?

  18. mendy sebarg says:

    Its possible subtitles in French ?

  19. bijouterie boix says:

    Ridicule de fabriquer une montre qui ne ce vend pas encore , ni sur le site de la maison ni ailleurs ridicule

  20. Plandom Plandominator says:

    Intel ceo wore it swimming??

  21. SuperPussyFinger says:

    Everything about this is spectacularly awful.

  22. Mark Bangkok says:

    Woah cowboy – did he say worn it swimming? 13:20

  23. TG Sam says:

    Very poorly prepared presentation.

  24. TG Sam says:

    Very poorly prepared presentation, especially in cheese cutting section.

  25. Maria Victoria says:


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