TAG Heuer | Introducing the new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41

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13 Responses

  1. Axel Alvin says:

    Like the watch in 41 mm… the 45 mm type feels way too big…

  2. Taulant Zeqiri says:


  3. Josh Davis says:

    Seriously though… What’s the point in paying a premium for a Tag smart watch when there are far better products available at a fraction of the price. Tag has become far too accustomed to fleecing people for their over priced mass-factory-produced mechanical watches and now you think you can enter the smart watch world with your inferior tech? Good luck little buddy! The world has changed.

  4. Dan says:

    I love Tag watches and have 3 of them. The ones they put out in the 80’s and 90’s were hideous and you can find them on Ebay for cheap. The modern ones I believe are beautiful. I don’t see myself wearing ANY smart watch though

  5. Rashid Talyarkhan says:

    Agreed. You can buy others for fraction of the price, but the build quality is far better then the cheaper ones and looks way much better. I think Tag smart watches are the best looking ones out there.

  6. Abd AlRhman yassin says:

    it is expensive for smart watch must replace it after 2 or 3 years

  7. Browsing Channel says:

    How much?

  8. jbt says:

    Abd AlRhman yassin same as an apple watch

  9. Abd AlRhman yassin says:

    jbt apple watch 3 starts from 350$ this smart watch starts from 1200$

  10. jbt says:

    Abd AlRhman yassin yet people will pay 10,000 so there is a market

  11. Ruchintha Wirasinha says:

    Thinner than the lg watch style?

  12. ngford98 Abington says:

    I have two. Grand Carrera and an Aquaracer. Both are two years old and are just awesome. Think of buy this one.

  13. Jay Kresge says:

    Nope, not even close.

    I own the LG Watch Style. The Connected Modular 45 (the larger model) is a Frankenstein next to the Style. The Connected Modular 41 appears to have a smaller width, but I suspect is just as tall and ugly as the 45 from the side (hence why they avoided showing it from the side in this video).

    The Connected Modular 45 is beautiful in renders and press shots, hideous in person. I expect the same from the 41. The 45 was also super laggy compared to my LG Watch Style.

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