TAG Heuer | The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

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26 Responses

  1. Mutale Mule says:

    Very awkward and cumbersome launch

  2. Lokitbara says:

    Great product with terrible launch as usually.

  3. C K says:

    OMG. Get that CEO off the stage. Is he drunk?

  4. Aurelian says:

    Biver is eccentric, to say the least, but at the same time… I’m not sure if I’d want him to tone it down.

  5. Louis Smith says:

    Right! lol. I guess it caters to those who can afford them on the spot..

  6. kovlabs says:

    Omg what a train wreck of a launch

  7. Laurent Le Pen says:

    Jean-Claude Biver is a role model; not only because he is part of the most respected persons in the modern horology but also because he is such a great salesman 🙂 “1801 and the 21st century! You buy history and you buy the future. Who can sell you the past and the future? TAG Heuer!” Well done Mr Biver and the engineering team of TAG Heuer, you guys have designed a fantastic watch.

  8. Vj says:

    bunch of old dogs barking

  9. Patrick PK says:

    Purely from estethic & features perspectives… This absolutely misses the mark for me. Apple watch and Android watches (Samsung, LG, etc) have leveled the palying field. There is NO way I would pay that amount for this watch: Late to the game, run of the mill and super overpriced! I am not at all impressed – And I happen to like Tag Heuer……..!!

  10. Rimrock300 says:

    Mr Biver just being himself, as always) He his a well known figure within the Swiss watch art, for more than 40 years, especially when it comes to marketing, sales, developing of watch brands. May sound a bit ‘crazy’ at first glance (just always very enthusiastic concerning his passion, watches), but check around on YT for some of his speeches, he has many good words of wisdom concerning work and life in general to share to young people, entrepreneurs. I would have chosen a more professional presenter to lead the show along with Mr Biver. but it’s no big deal. Just look at the PR videos of the watches, the watches themselves, the design of the launch localities and more. There are many professional people working in the background making the new watch another sales success for TAG, quite possible.

  11. C K says:

    Rimrock300 all respect to him and that may well be the truth. But the connected watch is a different proposition and subset of consumers. It’s like Henry Ford presenting Tesla Electric cars. If he’s smart, he will get some young guy & team to takeover this division. Late aged white guys ain’t gonna work.

  12. Rimrock300 says:

    With future generations there still will be a demand for high end wrist watches, but there will possible be less demand that a high end watch needs to necessarily just be mechanical. More of the many Swiss high end brands likely need to look into connected watches, to survive in the future. There will always the pure mechanical watches produced also.

  13. Đức Anh Nguyễn says:

    In honor of Eduard Heuer, please resign Mr.Biver. You had such a great success in Omega and Hublot, no one even doubts that but please stop!!

  14. Watch On says:

    I love Jean Claude. Great mind and great personality!

  15. PaulD says:

    +Chris Kerr FYI Biver sold more watches than they have expected, the strategy of Biver shows how connected this CEO is with the present time…I had doubts when they came with the Carrera connected, I thought the old man was wrong but today all the pros in the watch industry are on their knees in front of such a clever man. Your comment is totally disconnected from the reality and the success of the Carrera connected entirely the child of Biver, he is a pure genius.

  16. Hansen H says:

    Looking at the negative comment for mr biver, it seems that they dont know him enough. That is him being himself. Spectacular!!!!!!!!

  17. yelp70 says:

    As a watch guy and tech guy, I absolutely love Mr.Bivers enthusiasm, can’t wait to get mine!

  18. Carl Patrick P. Zablan says:

    unveil the new watch.

  19. mattar Alali says:


  20. FroggyDogg says:

    These guys really need to watch an Apple launch. This old man may be the CEO, but he is not suitable for this type of unveiling, he simply does not have the charisma or polished delivery of Steve Jobs; he could be offering to give everyone their weight in gold for free, but he’s so annoying I suspect many people wouldn’t accept it! Tag Heuer is a premium brand, and they should launch their products in a more polished way, a way that makes potential buyers feel like they’re buying something worth the thousands of dollars they’re expected to pay.

  21. Catamaran Channel says:

    Great watch!
    C.e.o. needs some media training or needs to look more at the guys standing next to him

  22. Tommy Bayshore says:

    if Samsung and Apple can do a launch, so can Tag, they just need some practice (and a better marketing team) 🙂

  23. Tommy Bayshore says:

    I dont know what the hell i just watched a launch for, my new TAG or for Kraft but it was entertaining to say the least lol

  24. Michael Grant says:

    I wouldn’t spend my money on this over priced featureless watch… There’s nothing smart about it… and only works with android OS…. NO Apple integration … Bad-call not to make at least 2 types!

  25. Martin Lynch says:

    Great video and adds a very personal touch to Tag Heur. I think people on here that “don’t get it” are missing the point. Yes the CEO is a character but what’s wrong with that? At least he adds a colourful side to a presentation and wasn’t super slick like all the snoring Apple “key-note crap”. Sure it’s expensive and hasn’t got all the bells and whisltles like other designs. But the “others” haven’t got the heritage of Tag and the built quality is so far ahead of standard smart watches, the 45 shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath. Like owning a Bentley, you can buy far cheaper alternatives with lots more toys on board, but why would you? Having just received my first Tag at least I know how to pronounce the name properly now too. Which is a bonus…

  26. Nick Trow says:

    Don’t do drugs!! Lesson learnt.

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