The OMEGA Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition – James Bond 007’s watch

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37 Responses

  1. Twitchy says:

    Absolutely stunning. 🙂

  2. Imm PNB says:

    The original seconds hand looks better.

  3. Imran Becks says:

    The song.. Perfect!

    FYI, the song is Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon and its from the tenth Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, for those who aren’t familiar with Bond 😉

  4. FV4030 says:

    Gotta be the first Omega Bond watch I’ve looked at and thought “….Nah”.

  5. Hiluxtaco says:

    Cool watch.

    Too bad they cost $7,500! 😯

  6. Vic L. says:

    +Hiluxtaco My 2 months worth of paycheck! 😀

  7. Hiluxtaco says:

    +Vic L. Even if I had the money, I still wouldn’t buy one. For me, it’s just not worth the asking price. $5K? Maybe. $7,500? I’ll pass..

  8. 1911Drew says:

    Simply beautiful!

  9. unclebernie says:

    Flimsy, light and generally and sub standard feel to it.

  10. Wade H says:

    Tudor black bay is a better value.

  11. President Trump says:

    +Hiluxtaco I bet you’d buy the snoopy watch

  12. Billy Bowden says:

    How much does the normal one cost, not the limited edition one.

  13. Enzaie says:

    Nice trye Omega but still you are not Rolex.

  14. Enzaie says:

    Suprisingly expensive!!!

  15. xxxdan82xxx says:

    What kind of child puts a “007” marked watch on his wrist?! Good lord, what a tacky piece of crap…

  16. AndreRNG says:

    lol gay

  17. Vivian van Berkum says:

    500€ difference

  18. Mike Mike says:

    no day? lol…. how Omega keep their Customers…. only with a movie!!! i never buy a watch only for the name…. this watch pay the name… nothing more… i love Vostok!!!

  19. Andrew M says:


  20. Steve C says:

    Sorry but I have many automatic movement watches in my collection, predominantly Seiko and Orient. And I love them. Why? Because for what you’re paying you’re getting one hell of a watch. And before any of the pompous watch snobs launch an attack… I also have an Omega (Planet Ocean, 45mm black rubber strap version. The watch is now in a bottom draw, as it is like money in the bank for my son when he’s old enough and the strap is on a Orient Mako XL which suites it well) And there really isn’t very much difference between them to warrant buying another Omega for me. As for styling? There are many less priced brands of equally appealing aesthetics out there. Fact.

  21. sushi9071 says:

    +Hardware-Tips Normal version 5.6€ Spectre ed. 6.3€ in november 2015, now the Spectre cost 7.1/8.0

  22. Ton Creed says:

    Very cool

  23. Kam Kwan Tat says:


  24. Anna Paula * says:

    Billy Bowden

    Anita. Beng

  25. Robson Vilanova says:


  26. Enzaie says:

    Ok Shpresim Jahoja, I think that quality and tecnology are not in question anymore,, any Omega, Rolex PP,AP VC, will run good forever if serviced.    A new PO are now more money than a used Rolex so why go for a cheaper brand that drops like a stone in price as soon as you leave the store? and Btw. the originale Bond had a Rolex. No offences.

  27. Enzaie says:

    NO you can NOT have same prestige,, If you own both you know very well what gives respekt and impersses the girls..  No offense..

  28. Enzaie says:

    Yes man i get you,, Money ore not, still i think you should go and put your Rolex on, you look much better and you will gain full respect both by those in the know and those not,, beside that you can always get your money back.  The GC that took maybe two years to build sounds more like a saftyqueen ore a museum piece.

  29. Zois Tzanos says:

    I have this watch!!

  30. Dsf ijo Sbc says:

    Kam Kwan Tat ..

  31. Eirini Gerontiti says:

    FV4030 χ

  32. Nhan Tran says:

    Enzaie tjmg

  33. Romancha Jena says:

    Mike Mike uybvj85

  34. KHẢI MR NGUYỄN DUY says:

    Hello Grandpa, I wish you Happy Lucky Health hihi

  35. Alex Sibley says:

    Enzaie 83 comments!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MD Saqlain says:


  37. 0908 aaa says:


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